Get ready to party

Please follow the correct order of steps when setting up your Silent Disco

Set up your Spotify playlists

Get your transmitters powered up, iPods on charge

Off/On, 3 channels and volume

Somewhere safe so party people don't trip over

Listen Offline / Download Playlist

Share From Spotify (Copy URL or Camera Spotify Code)

Spotify Code (You Tube)


Connect our iPods to your Wifi (if available) so you are not limited at all when using Spotify in the midst of the party. If no wifi is available, please ensure you have some playlists downloaded (Listen Offline).
Our iPods are all on separate premium Spotify accounts for ease of use - with no ads.

To add a Spotify playlist to one of our iPods read how to Share from Spotify - link button below.
The Spotify Code is the quickest and easiest way, alternatively you can try to iMessage the link.
RED - 0490 074 583
BLUE - 0490 195 250
GREEN - 0490 109 429

For ease of use we recommend setting playlists onto continuous play (repeat whole playlist), rather than Shuffle.

Listen Offline / Download Playlist

Share From Spotify (Copy URL or Camera Spotify Code)

Spotify Code (YouTube)


Please confirm pick up time with Mandy 0417 960 780

Before your guests arrive, please try it all out so that you can contact us should there be any questions.
We can be hard to reach on Friday and Saturday nights (busy DJing).

PLEASE count the headsets supplied and initial to confirm the number is correct, BEFORE your party commences. Any discrepancies can be very difficult to sort out after your guests have arrived and the party is underway.

- Plug transmitters into the power source. Place this out of reach of your party people. They should be turned OFF, then you need to set the range on LOW. Please ensure any extension cords are safely out of the way or taped down so that dancers cannot trip. Three transmitters need to be on three different channels otherwise static will occur. Check the number display shows 1, 2 and 3. You can change the channel by pressing the small button.

- Plug audio cable into transmitter, RCA connection or 'red and white'.

- Plug your phone/device or DJ mixer into the audio cable. The transmitter box contains lightning adaptors if you wish to plug in an iPhone.

- Once plugged in, PRESS PLAY on the music BEFORE you turn on any headsets.
Headsets will make a crackling interference static sound if they are turned on with no music playing.
Volume should be the same on all the channels, adjust iPod slider so that the volume is at 75%.
If you have DJs performing, ask them to all check they are playing at the same volume and to not 'red line' as this causes distortion in the headsets.

- Headsets have volume, an ON/OFF switch, and the channel selector - which allows party people to switch between the three channels of music.

- It is important to have all three transmitters plugged in with music playing to avoid 'dead' channels with the interference static noise.


Any headsets with a crackly static noise DURING USE can be tagged out with yellow ribbon provided in the box.
We provide an extra headset or two in your hire in case this occurs.

1 - Check the volume on the iPod/music source (max, minus three clicks).

2 - Check the audio cable is plugged in tightly to the iPod and the transmitter.

3 - Check that the transmitter is powered on, in low range.
Make sure all three transmitters are on different channels.
If you have two transmitters set to channel 2 for example, there will be interference and no music.

4 - Check there is no equipment that operates on a radio frequency nearby. Walkie Talkies etc?
We have found that Busselton can be problematic sometimes, unfortunately this is out of our control as if something nearby is using the same frequencies as the silent disco it will cause interference. The disco uses 923, 924 and 925 MHz.

- Swap equipment out one element at a time to figure out what is not working.

1. The music source/iPod (switch it over for another one that is working on a different channel)
2. The audio cable (keep the same iPod but swap cable)
3. The transmitter (there is usually a spare transmitter in the box, if your hire isn't on an ultra busy date)

And if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us. We want your event to rock!
Best to try it all out so you can get in touch before the party begins.


At the end of the event, switch all headsets off and then turn the power on the transmitters to OFF before unplugging any cables.

Please count the headsets again before returning.
You need to count before the commencement of the party, to avoid discrepancies when returning.

Mark the paper tab on the box with the number counted, and the name of the person that counted each box.

You will be charged $110 for any headsets that are lost or damaged.

If headsets are returned with excess glitter/face paint from children's parties, there may be an additional cleaning cost.